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 Body Fat Calculator

(look for Body Fat Calculator under Tools Menu after above link opens)

(Simple Skinfold test can give you a good idea of body fat at home)

Calculate BMR and BMI.

Authentic Happiness : Prof . Martin Seligmann

(Look for the Questionnaries at this website at Univ of Pennsylvania) 

Real Age ( Biological age vs Chronological age)

(How old your body really is?  popular PBS Program on living healthier).

Hearing loss Self Assessment

Answer a few questions to get a qualitative measure of hearing loss.

Ishihara Test for Color Blindness

Partnership for Prescription Assistance

Plant Based Diet

Diseases Specific:

Audio Video:

Sinus Rinse : Neti Pot Video 

                  Neilmed Sinus Rinse 

(We have a few samples of Neti Pot and Sinus Rinse Bottles.
 Just ask during your next visit).

Injury Prevention